Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week 14 - Treasure Planet

Treasure Planet is a 2002 animated science fiction film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, and released by Walt Disney Pictures on November 27, 2002. The 43rd animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics, the film is a science fiction adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's adventure novel Treasure Island and was the first film to be released simultaneously in regular and IMAX theaters. The film employs a novel technique of hand-drawn 2D traditional animation set atop 3D computer animation.

This week's isn't too detailed- if you checked my dA journal, you know that my car was stolen, so I've been pretty distracted this week :/

Next week is The Little Mermaid- my favorite Disney princess!

Treasure Planet © Walt Disney Pictures
Artwork © CircuitGirl


  1. YES!!! My ultimate favourite Disney movie!!! WOOT! I am just so fascinated with their 70/30 rule...70% 2D animation, 30% 3D; 70% old nautical style, 30% sci-fi...LOVE

    *I'm the one who commented on your Alice piece on devArt and you sent me here ^___^*

    1. Thanks! You know, I had never actually heard about that rule until you just told me (I know a lot about Disney, including the company, parks, and the man himself lol because I do research on them) but that's really interesting!

      If you really love my blog, then PLEASE pass word around to your friends! I'd love it if a lot of people on dA, tumblr, or even facebook knew about it, because I've been having trouble with money and saving up (it'd be great if people would donate, lol). You don't need to, though, I don't want to push you to do anything >.<