Saturday, May 19, 2012

With Only 140 Days to Go...

I think it's time I made some updates around here! First, as you've probably noticed, I did change the layout a bit. I thought it might look a bit more eye-catching this way. It's also a way to celebrate how close I am to week 60!

I don't know if you've noticed, but the 60 weeks don't go all the way up to my vacation! If I were to do movies all the way up to my vacation, it would actually be sixty TWO Weeks of Disney Magic! But I wanted to give myself a little time to relax and get everything together for my vacation in the last two weeks.

And... you're also reading the blog of an official Disney Store cast member! I can't believe I got hired by the Disney Store! It's so exciting! Now when I'm at work I'll be surrounded by what I love the most- Disney!! Hopefully this'll help the time go by faster, too!

Speaking of the time going by faster, I've been getting a few things together for my trip lately (I didn't realize how close it was!). First, I wrote down all the park hours for every day that I'll be in Orlando. This way I'll be able to pick the best day to go to each park. Also, I bought some coloring books!

I'll do some pages up until the trip, but they're also for the PLANE RIDE there! I've never actually flown on a plane before, so I'm a little nervous! But I'll have Mickey with me, and Disney music on my iPod!

I also got all my stuffed buddies together to say hello! Unfortunately, I can't take all of them with me on the trip, but I am taking big Mickey! (Fun Fact: The little Sorcerer Mickey is from a trip to Disney World when I was 11)

I also have to get caught up on this blog! I'm always falling behind with my drawings- so this weekend, I'm going to get caught up. Look out for two posts tonight or tomorrow!

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