Saturday, February 8, 2014

Character 8 - Mor'du

"He's bigger than a Cuillin, killin' armies with his paws.
Mor'du is never happy till the blood runs from his jaws.
He murders in the mountains and he fights with ev'ry clan.
His teeth and jowls have ripped the hearts fae many a highland man."
- Song of Mor'du, Brave (2012)

I had a LOT of fun drawing this one! I don't draw animals very often, but I guess when I do I do a very good job, because this turned out great- in my opinion, anyway!

Along the lines of the Disney planning, I've been watching a bunch of videos on Disney World character casting. I'm hoping in the next couple of years to move down there- maybe I'll be lucky enough to get a job as a face character! I at least plan on working somewhere in the park!

Next time, the Caterpillar!

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